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Karl Denninger: Sorry, We No Longer Live In A Republic

This is simply unbelievable. This is not an allegation by a layperson. It is an allegation by a sitting judge. It is a rank statement of corruption at the highest regulatory levels in our government's alleged protection system for investors. That's twenty years of not acting as a judge but rather an announced and fulfilled intent to protect the corporate interests irrespective of the merits of the case. It is rank fraud and the Judge accused remains on the bench. FOR TWENTY YEARS IT IS ALLEGED THIS INDIVIDUAL HAS INTENTIONALLY ****ED DEFRAUDED INVESTORS BY DENYING THEM THEIR DAY IN COURT. What lawful recourse do we have left in this country when this level of rank corruption goes on for years, remains un-addressed, and continues to this very day with ZERO intervention by anyone in Congress or the Executive branch? What choices, other than placing a stick in one's teeth and consenting to judicial **** or open sedition do the people have left when there is no recourse to the law? I thought I'd seen it all. I was wrong.

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