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Rip-Off by the Federal Reserve - by Jim Carter

• The Libertarian Enterprise
The Federal Reserve uses euphemistic smoke and mirrors to obscure their operations. With full knowledge the following is not the way the Fed/government describes the system, allow me to offer a different analysis of their mathematical operation. 

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The mathematical analysis that has been excised from the Libertarian Enterprise posting reveals how:

1. The creation of credit/money via T-securities in the amount of the principal of the security, with a promise to repay the principal PLUS the interest , is impossible. The interest has never been created. A contract based upon an impossibility is an act of fraud and is void from its inception. The scheme is, in fact, a Ponzi scheme predestined by design for inherent national bankruptcy.

2. The operation by the Fed and Congress transfers wealth from the people to the financiers. The excised five-year example reveals how all funds created via the printing press fiat money become the property of the receivers of the T-securities.

Comment by Olde Reb
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 A significient portion of the article has been lost in this post.  The entire article is available at   and other locations.