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If The Economy Is Recovering, Why Energy Demand Collapsing?

This from a new "behind the scenes" macro economic source, who has apparently been producing these for a while.... and is a former oil company employee. Note that Exxon has maintained that any negative growth rates imply impending (or actual) recession. So if we truly exited the recession, can someone explain these annualized numbers... And more importantly in the instant case, what do you think we're going to see with these monthly change numbers in the next month's economic reports? Right after the election..... and right into the Holidays. Economic growth eh? I have previously presented freight tonnage and OTR trucking anecdotes, but this is not anecdotal - it is hard data, and economic growth always requires growth in energy use. While there are improvements over time due to efficiency gains they sure don't come at these sorts of rates. The claims of "economic recovery" are nonsense - or, if you prefer, intentional lies.

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Comment by Doug Nusbaum
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I do not know about you, but I do not trust meaningless data.

 What exactly am I looking at and what is the source?

Is this ice cream sales? imports of oil?,  nanowatts per unit of stupid?   If it is oil or imports, than part of the reason may just be unprecedented amounts of natural gas produced here in the US.    But is is just probably another piece of propogands

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