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Subsidies and Mandates Will Not Lower Energy Costs

• Free Patriot Press
The New York Post recently wrote, the “EPA sided with the ethanol cheerleaders by announcing that it will allow the amount of ethanol in automotive fuel to rise by some 50 percent, from the current 10 percent blend to a 15 percent level.” Adding that such a move “will have big implications for your weekly grocery bill.” James Wilson of Downsize DC reported in 2008 “when farmers use their land to grow crops for ethanol production, instead of food, the food supply drops and the price of food rises... A University of Iowa study indicates that ethanol production increased the average food bill by about $47 over the last six months of 2007.” Just imagine the how much food prices will go up when more ethanol gets added to your fuel. The NY Post also writes that ethanol “has been backed by hundreds of billions in investment and subsidy dollars.” However, they don't say how many billions of dollars have been “invested” using tax-payer funding. Wilson states “that every $1 of profit earned by A

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