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Cameron and Sarkozy Build EU Army


David Cameron and Nicolas Sarkozy (left) embrace over Anglo-French defence co-operation ... In Britain at least, talk of Anglo-French defence co-operation is usually greeted with deep scepticism and reference to various Napoleonic battles. (Funny how no-one talks about the Crimea, where we were on the same side. But I digress.) So it's striking that the Strategic Defence and Security Review yesterday signalled a lot more cross-channel working. Although Britain's "pre-eminent" defence relationship will still be with the US, the review says Britain must "intensify" its co-operation with France. David Cameron's interest in co-operation is interesting in itself, coming from a Conservative PM. But what strikes me as even more intriguing is President Nicolas Sarkozy's clear enthusiasm. ... According to the PM, the summit will produce "some very exciting steps forward". – UK Telegraph

Dominant Social Theme: What could go wrong with military cooperation?

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