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Flying Car

Flying Car // item 425.C4

Traffic jams are a thing of the past with the car of the future. Sleep later and get to work earlier in this highly maneuverable engineering marvel. It won’t just change how you drive. It will change how you live. Ideal for avoiding speed cameras.

// Product Info

Structure Max Vh Range Gross Takeoff Weight Empty Weight Fuel Burn in air On Road Useable Fuel Power
Carbon Fiber
150 kts (172.8mph)
525 m
1200 lbs
627 lbs
3 gph
75 mpg
48 gal
// Performance

Image of Flying Car's performance


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Comment by Ed Price
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Yes. It is just taking Paul Moller too long. He had working vehicles back in 1980. NASA wouldn't let him go into real production back then. Will anything ever really change?

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