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Obama Tells Pentagon to Attack “Cyberthreats” On American Soil


Obama has directed the Pentagon to attack “cyberthreats” within the United States. The teleprompter reading front man for the globalists “has adopted new procedures for using the Defense Department’s vast array of cyberwarfare capabilities in case of an attack on vital computer networks inside the United States, delicately navigating historic rules that restrict military action on American soil,” reports the New York Times.

Delicately? Obama has trounced the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and particularly Posse Comitatus. Crimes committed within the United States are the business of federal, state, and local police, not the Pentagon.

“In a break with previous policy, the military now is prepared to provide cyber expertise to other government agencies and to certain private companies to counter attacks on their computer networks, the Pentagon’s cyber policy chief, Robert Butler, said Oct. 20,” reports Defense News. “An agreement signed this month with the Department of Homeland Security and an earlier initiative to protect companies in the defense industrial base make it likely that the military will be a key part of any response to a cyber attack.”

Katrina is the model here. “The system would mirror that used when the military is called on in natural disasters like hurricanes or wildfires. A presidential order dispatches the military forces, working under the control of the Federal Emergency Management Agency,” reports the Times.

“FEMA is the Patriot Act on crack,” writes Sheila Samples, a former civilian U.S. Army Public Information Officer. “Once its powers are unleashed, Oliver North’s REX 84 ‘exercise’ will become a reality. The Constitution will be suspended and FEMA will have the right to detain or seize the property of anyone even suspected of engaging in, or who might be thinking of conspiring with others to engage in acts of espionage or sabotage.”

FEMA was created outside of Constitutional law by president Kennedy. It is not subject to congressional oversight. It was consistently modified and magnified under Carter, Reagan (especially Reagan), Bush Senior, Clinton, Bush Junior (who moved FEMA under the control of the Department of Homeland Security), and now Obama.

“Genocide fascists like Henry Kissinger, and greedy patriots like former General Richard Secord and Lt. Col. Oliver North, the architects of both the Iran-Contra scandal and today’s FEMA, must be laughing their asses off at the juvenile disinformation bait-and-switch scenario playing itself out in the US media,” Samples noted as Katrina unfolded.

Under Obama’s rules, the New York Times continues, “the president would approve the use of the military’s expertise in computer-network warfare, and the Department of Homeland Security would direct the work.” Expertise. Breaking things and killing people.

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