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Hellish horrors that can melt your flesh: Japanese Giant Hornets

• Terrence Aym
Imagine for a moment a bug bigger than your thumb that's built like a tank and can fly like a fighter jet. Imagine that this bug is relentless killer, single-minded in destroying whatever enemy might threaten it--including you, if it perceives you as a threat. But you don't have to imagine it. They're real. If one of these relentless killers zeroes in on you, seek the nearest shelter as fast as you can. If you're unlucky enough to become a target of the world's deadliest hornet, run. Once it stings you the hornet releases an airborne pheromone that's a chemical call for help. The message is whisked back to the hornet's home base--its nest--and rallies all its comrades. A swarm of enraged hornets will join its buddy in the attack. Remember: only a very few stings will result in almost certain death.

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