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What in the World are They Spraying full VIDEO. 
"In the wake of global warming and recent weather-related disasters, filmmaker Robert Greene explores geoengineering -- weather modification -- and the storm clouds forming over this polarizing and potentially political debate. Scientists, environmentalists and activists -- including Rep. Dennis Kucinich and meteorologist Storm Field -- weigh in on whether geoengineering is the key to future survival or an ill-advised attempt to outsmart nature."

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Comment by Anonymous
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       Jet propulsion that leaves a smoke-like trail of cloud in the sky is propagandized as a plot of the Government to "chemicalize" the air we breathe. The poison was supposed to make our mind auto-obey the powerful command of an unseen power, turning us all into zombies or sheep herded towards the establishment of the New World Order [NWO]. They invent erudite scientific terminology naming this trail of smoke as "chemtrail", and the tinkering of the environment as "geoengineering". You probably haven’t noticed it, but there was a like article published in this site not too long ago. It described how our educational system is likewise similarly bugged and manipulated. The mind of our school children is bended, allegedly part of the sinister plot of the Government to move the country towards accepting the NWO. Guess what … by sheer coincidence, same author! The mental poisoning of our school children has no title name perhaps because the written editorial was stranger than fiction. So I offered a title for that crap: "The Freaking out of the American System of Education." It sounded more appropriate, and humbling.

     In the above shown video, anti-pollution radicals cannot even agree that the impact on human health of 10 megatons of toxic aluminum sprayed in the sky could NOT be determined. See the first main video and check out what I am saying. I am not a scientist of the ozone-layer or a climate advocate specializing on what anti-government leftist radicals called in their lampoon campaign as "geoengineering". Maybe their claim that our atmosphere is purposely sprayed with poison is true, or maybe it is not true at all … just a babbling bubble in the air coming out from their mouth as part of their suspicious agenda. Nonetheless, the public presentation of this anti-NWO video uses the horror of environmental pollution. How about the effect of radical-pollution in the air, specifically the adverse impact not only on human health but in our society in general, when our environment is poisoned with toxic radicalism? I am more interested in that study. That could be the red button for an angry finger to push that could end the world.


Comment by Judy Staab
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Hey Brock . . or gov't agent?? However, for others with common sense and thirst for answers, check out air sample results where aluminum is "sky-high" (no pun intended), barium and other toxic chemicals and metals EPA lab test results ( -- -- -- and of course, If you're not convinced, check out the "geo-engineering" plans within the Climate Change bill (sure to be passed) which chemtrailing of aluminum and all the chemicals they've been illegally spraying to be LEGALIZED! Yes, it will make it legal, Brock! Unfortunately, Gore's ridiculous film, "An Inconvenient Truth" which blames CO2 as cause of global warming convinced masses to believe this false premise. Drought in certain areas has been purposely caused through constant chemtrailing of aluminum (desiccant = drying agent) while HAARP steers clouds, hurricanes, etc. The Pentagon proudly admits to HAARP! Hundreds of companies are also proud of their weather modification involvement! And then there's the most hated company worldwide, Monsanto, that's produced an "aluminum-resistant" genetically engineered seed being marketed into drought, aluminum saturated lands (Australia, Hawaii, and others) that aren't producing produce from normal seeds! Lot's of money is being made through this sickening agenda aside from illness caused by chemtrailing, Monsanto GMO seeds, etc. Yes, a regular caper! Don't be fooled. Do your research and wake others up! You have help cause the cat's out of the bag! TV will begin gradually telling us we're being sprayed because the Climate Change Bill will make it legal!

Comment by Brock Lorber
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You know what's missing from this "documentary"?


A fact.

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