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On Monetary Idiocy and Treason, Chris Whalen

Because President Barack Obama and the leaders of both political parties are unwilling to address the housing crisis and the wasting effects on the largest banks, there will be no growth and no net job creation in the U.S. for the next several years. And because the Obama White House is content to ignore the crisis facing millions of American homeowners, who are deep underwater and will eventually default on their loans, the efforts by the Fed to reflate the U.S. economy and particularly consumer spending will be futile. As Alan Meltzer noted to Tom Keene on Bloomberg Radio earlier this year: "This is not a monetary problem." Barack Obama, just as with John McCain and both political parties, do not give a damn about the American public. They do not care about the massive frauds perpetrated on them. They could care less, so long as their banking cronies get bailed out and can continue to pretend they have "good assets", even though what they really have on their balance sheets is rotting fish. The underlying fraud in these "products" is being ignored because to do otherwise would be to admit that the banking system committed millions of chargeable felonies - and that would require that each and every one of these firms be shut down and their executives imprisoned. Forget Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner lying about the relatively small losses at American International Group (AIG), the fraud and obfuscation now underway in Washinton to protect the TBTF banks and GSEs totals into the trillions of dollars and rises to the level of treason. And the sad part is that all of the temporizing and excuses by the Fed and the White House will be for naught. The zombie banks and GSEs alike will muddle along until the operational cost of servicing bad loans engulfs them. Then they will be bailed out -- again -- or restructured. But who will charge Treason? Nobody. The people are watching Bristol Palin on Dancing with the Stars and NFL Monday Night. It's truly amazing to watch someone get financially ****d on a daily basis and then argue over whether we should have prayer in the schools. The last time I checked, if you're homeless and penniless, all these other political issues are rather immaterial to your life.

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