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My Tea Party

The following is a copy of an article intended to be published in this weeks "The Libertarian Enterprise", whose publication this week has been unfortunately delayed by illness. Mr Smith, the author, has given me permission to publish this here. I give him full credit for the entire article, and consider this a seed with no linked article. See the end of the article for permission. Anyone with questions as to my permission to use, or comments to pass directly to the author, may contact him at the E-mail address listed in the body of the article.


By L. Neil Smith

Attribute to _The Libertarian Enterprise_

So we Tea Partiers cling bitterly to our guns and
religion, do we, Barry? Well, everybody seems to cling to
something. Liberals cling to their envy and resentment.
Republicans cling to their golf clubs.

-- L. Neil Smith

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