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Snakes On Our Plane: The US Intelligence Services

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Here is a haunting tale of intrigue and horror, a tale of monstrous snakes with fangs that would sear my words from your brain and burn theirs into your mind, their venom meant to poison your soul. These are stimulus/response creatures without souls, all hiding under the cover name of US Intelligence Services. These sickening vile snakes have infested our physical plane, and are trying to swarm over us spiritually, with their drugs, poisons, and behavioral modification programs They ship in street drugs from Afghanistan and Mexico; they manage the chemtrails that poison us from the skies; and they steer corporate television with deception, lies and threats. Intelligence agencies are used by the International Monetary/Banking Cartel to enforce their various agendas on the American government, then on the American people, and ultimately on the entire world.

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Comment by Nick Barnett
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If you can't put two and two together and see that they are putting aluminum in the sky for some reason or another, YOU ARE CRAZY!

Comment by Anonymous
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Are the harmful pollution effects of what the US Intelligence Services are doing look as bad as the injury to human health in particular, and to our society in general, when our environment is poisoned by the extreme Left's toxic radicalism?  Just wondering ...

Comment by Doug Nusbaum
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I love it when someone goes out into the real world with a comment about chemtrails.  It indicates an amount of ignorance and an intellectual deficiency akin to believing that the earth revolves around the sun.  We know this is not true because we can see the sun move through the sky, and we surely can not feel the earth move.


Anyway, when such ignorance about the laws of physics and chemistry is demonstrated if means that I can stop reading and save time.

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