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'Vertical Farm' envisions tall future for farming

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A new book by an urban agriculture visionary aims to change the way people think about farming, offering a look into a future where city skyscrapers _ not rural fields _ produce the world's food.

In "The Vertical Farm," Dickson Despommier challenges the notion that plants should be grown in soil, advocating for developing and investing in big projects using hydroponic greenhouses and other indoor growing technology in cities.


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Comment by Don Duncan
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Oh brother, spare me another "we otta story" on how stolen money should be spent. This guy has been supported by gov grants and public money for so long he has no concept of cost benefit. He sites the space program as his justification for spending large sums on his idea which "fixes" a non existent problem, i.e., growing food in soil. This is what happens when we give our power away along with our money. 

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