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Intercepted device likely a cell phone, photo analysis shows.

The electronic component visible in a law enforcement image of an intercepted suspicious shipment from Yemen appears to be a printed circuit board from a disassembled cell phone, an engineer told CNN Friday. "This size and the shape of the PCB (printed circuit board) are typical to a handset cell phone type device," wrote Olivier Clerc, hardware application engineering manager for a large U.S.-based cell phone parts manufacturer. Clerc prepared the e-mailed analysis of the image at CNN's request. His analysis was supported by information from a source close to the investigation into two U.S.-bound suspicious packages, who said the devices appear to be designed to be detonated by a cell phone
(Publisher: Wow! What a planted story,... elections must be close.
     "suspicious shipment, appears to be, are typical to a, prepared the e-mailed analysis of, information from a source close to the investigation, devices appear to be designed to be, have been widely used by terrorist, seems to be, are most likely the, is very likely to be, source close to the investigation said, allegedly one of the components, accused of trying to, alleged to have been carrying, Just six grams of the material is enough to, is a similar shape to, would be consistent with, testing is ongoing."
Wow Wow Wow!... the last time a bunch of these types of stories were circulated WE WENT TO FUCKING WAR FOR BULLSHIT REASONS)

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