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Revealed after 75 years: The British Legion’s shameful visit to Hitler

This album gives a chronological account of the visit. The photographs show the delegation being greeted by crowds giving the 'Heil Hitler' salute as they arrive at Friedrichstrasse station in Berlin. Evil: Hermann Goering shows off his archery skills for the visitors. The images were part of a Nazi plan to turn the British visit into a propaganda coup The trip was organised by Joachim von Ribbentrop, then the Nazis' ambassador-at-large. When the delegation is pictured meeting Hitler at the German Chancellery, the Fuhrer's office, they are surrounded by Nazi film cameras. And Major Fetherston-Godley is photographed shaking hands with Hess. The delegation is also shown laying a wreath for the fallen soldiers of the First World War at the Neue Wache monument in Berlin and, outside, the Legionnaires are seen shaking hands with wheelchair- bound German veterans. When the delegation paraded with the Union flag past the German ex-servicemen, they were greeted with 'Heil Hitler' salutes from the injured combatants, and, in one striking picture, the Nazis leading the British parade are giving salutes too. The Legionnaires' arrival in Berlin was made to look like a Third Reich military parade. The trip took the Britons to Stahnsdorf cemetery, just outside Berlin, to pay their respects to the 1,200 Commonwealth war dead from the 1914-18 conflict who are buried there. Photographs show huge Nazi flags surrounding the delegation as they pay their respects.

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Comment by Ed Price
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Evil Hitler. Evil, evil Nazi's. Naughty, bad Brits.

Hitler killed 6 million Jews... and who knows how many more in the war itself.

Nice Americans. All we did was make a deal with Stalin to conquer Hitler and the Nazi's. Stalin who killed 60 to 100 million Jews and Christians all over Russia and north-eastern Europe.

To be sure, Hitler was evil incarnate and had to go. What was Stalin? Make a deal with the devil. Google: "stalin's holocaust"

Comment by Olde Reb
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 Wall street funded hitler.  read anthony sutton.   JP Morgan spent $60 million to overthrow the Czar of Russia and set up communism.  The CIA has worked endlessly to establish dictators throughout the world so the various nations could be exploited by Wall Street.  read William Blum- Killing Hope, John Perkins-Confessions of an Economic Hit Man.   Jon Kwitney--Endless Enemies.  Japan was an enemy in 1939 because US oil companies wanted the Indonesian  oil that Japan controlled.  Hitler was claimed by the US press to be a friend when they and USSR divided Poland.  It was only when Hitler attacked and threatened the USSR (controlled by Wall Street)  that the press (controlled by the CFR/Wall Street) identified hitler as an enemy that had to go.      War is a Racket  by Smedley Butler