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Are the Fed Governors Morons, Or Are They Just Taking Orders?

Is there any possible way to fail more spectacularly that the Fed? Instead of sparking "good inflation" in the U.S. which they presumed (thickheadedly) would boost wages along with prices, thus enabling debt-serfs to pay down their debts with "cheaper" money, they have sparked runaway asset bubbles in commodities and "bad" inflation in China, which means the cost of goods the debt-serfs need to survive is skyrocketing while their wages and income stagnate. In other words, the policies of the Fed have completely backfired in terms of "helping" 90% of the citizenry. The "wealth effect" of rising stock prices failed to boost the spirits and balance sheets of the bottom 90% who have essentially no financial capital, average incomes have declined in the recession and yet prices for commodities are climbing. The Fed's policies have created the worst-case scenario for the average American household: stagnant income and rising prices of essentials. The problem is demand is falling along with net incomes, not the supply of new debt. By raising the costs of commodities, the Fed is actually reducing the net disposable income of households: the reverse of the "wealth effect." Rather than allow the economy to clear out bad debt and re-set asset prices that would enable organic growth, the Fed has tried to inflate new asset bubbles to save the Financial Power Elites from suffering the losses resulting from the last two bubbles popping. It's as if the fever the patient needs to wipe out a deadly infection has been suppressed by the Fed, creating the illusion of "health" even as the infection destroys the patient from within.

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