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This Addendum forms a part of the RFP and the resulting Solid Waste Services Agreement (the
“Agreement”) and clarifies, corrects, or modifies the original RFP documents prepared by the
Town of Fountain Hills. Any capitalized terms used herein and not otherwise defined shall have
the meanings set forth in the RFP. Please acknowledge receipt of this addendum in the space
provided on the attached form. This acknowledgement and addendum must accompany the
submitted proposal. Failure to do so may subject the bidder to disqualification.
This Addendum No. 1 consists of responses to clarification questions posed at the Mandatory
Pre-Submittal Conference held in the Town Council Chambers on May 6, 2010. Where
responses have resulted in changes to the RFP forms (including the draft from of agreement),
such changes are set forth below. The clarifications set forth below are not in chronological
order, but rather follow the order of the questions presented at the Pre-Submittal Conference. In
the event of a conflict between the terms of the original RFP documents and this Addendum, the
terms of this Addendum shall prevail.