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Sorry we missed you...

While you were out, agent ________________
stopped by on behalf of ...
􀀀 CIA 􀀀 DEA 􀀀 Dept. of Homeland Security
􀀀 FBI 􀀀 IRS 􀀀 Transportation Security Admin.
􀀀 NSA 􀀀 FAA 􀀀 Office of Total
􀀀 INS 􀀀 SEC Information Awareness
􀀀 ATF 􀀀 FDIC 􀀀 Your local police dept.
􀀀 SSA 􀀀 Other 􀀀 All of the above.
Because you were out, we decided to ...
􀀀 Ask your __neighbors __children __spouse
about you.
􀀀 Inspect your __garden __garage __car
__pets __trash.
􀀀 Let ourselves into your:
__residence __business.
􀀀 Read your: __mail __email __diary
__Rolodex __daily planner.
􀀀 Checked your Waste:
__Garbage __Recyclables
􀀀 Sewage __smoking __ birth control
__illegal drugs __legal drugs
__DNA sample collection.
􀀀 Place a wiretap on your telephone.
􀀀 Install __video __audio surveillance equip.
􀀀 Conducted an inventory of all RFID tagged
􀀀 Inspect your __computer __books
__spice rack __refrigerator.
􀀀 We’re sorry, this information is privileged.
Divulging any information of this search is a
violation in accordance with the Patriot Act and
is punishable by up to 10 years in Federal Prison.
As a result of our visit ...
􀀀 You should feel safer, knowing that your
government is doing all it can to protect you.
􀀀 You are considered a “person of interest” and
may be subject to monitoring, media
harassment, etc.
􀀀 You are under arrest and are advised to turn
yourself in immediately to local law
enforcement authorities.
􀀀 You are wanted for questioning.
Please call: ____________OR ____________
to arrange a convenient time to be interviewed.
Again, we are sorry that we missed you,
but rest assured, we know where you live.
For more information: