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The More Things Change; The More They Stay The Same

• Free Patriot Press
It's that time again. The time that rolls around every two years; when men and women spend outrageous amounts of money telling us why they should be chosen to serve in Congress. They say outrageous things to “scare” you into believing that their opponent is either the devil-incarnate or the rebirth of Hitler, Stalin or any other number of bad “rulers” from times past. The truth is that regardless which major party candidate is elected, nothing will change except some of the names and faces. Both major parties support a progressive income tax; though they disagree on what percentage of “income” to steal and some now support repealing the “income tax” and replacing it with a regressive sales tax labeled the “Fair tax” (as if there is a fair manner of stealing your money). Both major parties support an interventionist foreign policy; though they disagree on when and where to intervene. Both major parties support a continued welfare state; though they claim to disagree on whether to gi

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