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Governments should regulate food salt content

• Reuters

Governments should impose controls on salt content in food in order to combat heart disease, rather than leaving food producers to regulate salt levels, a study by researchers in Australia has found.

Eating too much salt raises blood pressure and puts people at risk of strokes and heart disease, chronic illnesses which drain public health resources.

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Comment by Powell Gammill
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the push is on

Comment by Judy Staab
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Look real closely at the shape (sizes) of our "government" representatives -- senators, congressman and smoking president -- and tell me why they should regulate anything having to do with health!

Comment by Mad Joker
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This is a joke right?

Comment by Ken Sutter
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 Way to go Powell. It's obvious which side of the fence you sit on. More government, more government. There are many, many other more important contributing factors to high blood pressure than salt. The low salt diet creates many more problems than too much salt. The low fat diet is guilty also. The bodies electronics run on salt. The sodium potassium ion pump. The central nervous system is 60-70 percent fat. So have the governement take away the salt and the fat and what do you have? The nervous system shuts down. Hmmmm, now that's a serious problem. Of course if you were on the right side of the fence you would know these things. Do some research clown. Quit falling for the drug companies propaganda.

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