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Not A Single Republican Voted To Raise The Debt Ceiling In February 2010

We mentioned this earlier, but we think it's worth discussing some more... one of the big votes that will come up this year is the decision to hike the debt ceiling. If the Congress does not vote to hike it, the US will basically go into default right away, and that would create all sorts of havoc for the global economy. The question is whether the new breed of deficit-fighting Republicans will go for this. Something to consider: Not a single GOPer in the Senate voted to hike the debt ceiling when this vote came up in October. Now they're even more represented, and you have to imagine that some Democrats will be afraid to vote "yea" given the resonance of this issue.

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Comment by Powell Gammill
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Well now that they are in charge wanna bet it will be the fiscally conservative Democrats who all vote against it? While those same GOP now vote for it?  Suckers!

Comment by Scott Heitmann
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Let the correction run it's course without any "help". It is simply time to start anew. Let's get this over with- isn't anyone else tired of all the BS? All the gov "help" is literally destroying us emotionally,physically and financially.

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