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Paul Craig Roberts: Who Has The Crystal Ball?

Americans never ask the old Roman question, “who benefits?” Consider, for example, the “underwear bomber.” How likely is it that Al Qaeda, allegedly having successfully outwitted all 16 US intelligence agencies, the National Security Council, NORAD, airport security, the Pentagon, and the security agencies of all US allies including Israel and brought down the World Trade towers and successfully attacked the Pentagon itself, would choose as a sequel blowing up a mere airliner with an underwear bomb, a shoe bomb, and a shampoo/toothpaste/underarm deodorant bomb? Having acquired the stature associated with 9/11, blowing up an airliner is a big comedown in prestige. It conveys the image of a washed-up Al Qaeda. Again, who benefits? The most obvious beneficiary of the underwear bomber is the corporation that manufactures the full body scanners that show people as if they are naked. Obviously, the machines were already produced and awaiting a contract. Without the underwear bomber and the hype and fear the media generated over the new threat, it is unlikely the government could have succeeded with such massive violation of personal privacy. It would be interesting to know what company manufactures the body scanners and what its relationship is to the US and Israeli governments. But these questions never occur to Americans or to the “liberal media.” As a member of the Congressional staff during the 1970s, both House and Senate and committee and member staffs, I learned that except for rare occurrences, the legislation that Congress passes and the President signs is written either by executive agencies or by lobbyists. Congress did not write the PATRIOT Act. It was written in advance of 9/11 awaiting its opportunity. President Bush’s National Security Advisor, Condi Rice, is on record saying that no one ever suspected such an event as 9/11 with terrorists using hijacked airliners as missiles against the World Trade Center and Pentagon. Why then was the voluminous PATRIOT Act sitting waiting? Whose crystal ball read the future and had the PATRIOT Act drafted in advance? Whose crystal ball foresaw the underwear bomber and had the full body scanners ready to be deployed? Are these amazing coincidences or orchestrated events?

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Comment by Doug Nusbaum
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I make it a point to not read this man.  A man who can not spell, (**) and whose rhetorical technique is entirely name calling is not likely to be very informative.  Herein is an answer from him to me:


If I were as utterly stupid and ignorant as you, I would not be broadcasting it to others.

If temperatures in the towers were of sufficient  heat to weaken steal such that there was uniform collapse, paper, in file cabinets or not (the flimsy cabinets themselves would have melted), would have reached combustion temperatures long before the steel weakened. I don't know why such ignorant, utterly stupid, totally brainwashed low **grande** morons like you dare to write to someone who knows what he is talking about.  Where do such total dumbshits like you come from?

--- On Fri, 9/18/09, Doug Nusbaum <> wrote:

From: Doug Nusbaum <>
Subject: 911
Cc: "Ernest Hancock" <>
Date: Friday, September 18, 2009, 3:30 PM

I have yet to see any evidence presented to me by a so-called truther that was not obfiously stupid, false, doctored etc.

Here is but one example:

I have asked on several occasions and have never had an answer, which does not mean that there isn’t one, how millions of pieces of unburnt, uncharred paper can be floating over lower Manhattan from the destruction of the WTC towers when the official explanation of the destruction is fires so hot and evenly distributed that they caused the massive steel structures to weaken and fail simultaneously so that the buildings fell in free fall time just as they would if they had been brought down by controlled demolition.

1. the fires occurred only on about 8 to 10 floors of a 100 story building. Now this may come as a shock to you, but by the time of the collapse any such pieces of paper would have been entirely consumed. The rest of the 90 stories that were not touched by fire would have a lot of paper that was not touched by fire. In addition, most paper would have been in file cabinates. I would think that even someone with an IQ of 70 would understand how 90 stories could easily contribute the equivelant of 50+ boxes of paper per floor of financial offices.

As to the collapse. IT WAS NOT AT FREE FALL SPEED. It was about 15% greater. Anybody with a basic degree in physics would understand that this is exactly what would happen.

You did not cite the " demolition experts". All the ones that I found on the internet think that truthers are idiots. Perhaps you have others. And by demolition experts, I do not mean someone trained in the military to blow up buildings, but those few that actually bring down large buildings.

Let me say this again. I have not seen a single piece of evidence --- and by evidence I do not mean words or testimony which I have also found to be weak --- but actual evidence that was not false on its face.

I particularly love the nano thermite idea. Was this put in place at the time of construction before any nano-technology actually existed, or was it done by that swarm of invisible agents who went into the building opened up walls, placed the wires and timers and "nano thermite" and then covered everything up without anybody seeing them. I would love to see a timeline on that.

The best description of your believing the big lie is this

Again, please just one piece of evidence that supports controlled demolition that is not false on its face.

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