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Quantitative Easing and You: Eating and Driving Are Going to Cost You

Equity futures are blowing out higher this morning on the back of “Fed” intervention. The dollar has broken major and key support, the Euro is breaking higher out of a bullish flag, long bonds are recovering higher after a steep sell off yesterday, oil is zooming now above $86 a barrel, and gold has plastered on about $40 an ounce this morning alone. Let’s get something straight right off the bat… the “Fed” is OWNED (literally) by private banks. They act in THEIR interest. Understanding this is key to understanding why their actions help the banks and work AGAINST the people. Simply look at the BANK STOCKS following the FOMC announcement yesterday and you will see WHO was helped by this CRIMINAL activity. Which, by the way, is BIGGER than TARP and yet has NO CONGRESSIONAL approval or oversight. In fact, Ben Bernanke in sworn Congressional testimony said, “The Fed will not monetize the debt.” And yet that is exactly what they are doing, and yes, that is PERJURY. Yes! Bernanke should be JAILED as he is inflicting SEVERE damage to our nation. Let’s get something else straight about yesterday’s announcement… it was NOT just $600 Billion! It was $600 billion ON TOP OF QE1, but what is clever about the announcement is that the time period only runs through the end of quarter 2 of next year! QE1 and QE2 working together amount to $110 Billion per month, or $1.32 TRILLION annualized! Effectively this means that we are PRINTING the entirety of our national deficit. Remember, we only take in approximately $2.5 Trillion in taxes, this means we are printing 50% more than that out in the open. Effectively this makes what was $10 Billion per week in POMO activity equal to $27 Billion per week! And thus the exponential growth in numbers is incontrovertible. Why would the Fed even make these figures public? Because they can’t hide it anymore and because they WANT TO CREATE THE PERCEPTION OF INFLATION IN YOUR MIND. This is literally INSANE, it is Narcissistic Disorder at its finest. It is self-destructive as there is no way it can ever be stopped – no exit strategy. Remember Vietnam? No exit strategy. Any General worth his salt will tell you straight up – YOU NEVER ENTER A BATTLE WITHOUT AN EXIT PLAN. You MUST think at least two moves in advance. Well, we are all in battle and there definitely is no exit plan, not one that can actually work in practice.

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