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The History and Future of Birth Control

Wood Block Pessary
The word "pessary" covers a wide variety of objects that women have used over the centuries to block or kill sperm inside their vaginas. One of the more cringe-inducing options was the wood block pessary, a door-stop-sized, 6-sided block with divots carved on each side. The idea was that one of the divots would cover the cervix. The hope was that nobody would get a splinter.

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       Moronic intelligence believes "only forcible sterilization" is the best form of birth control. This is somewhat a step away from infanticide to reduce population growth that scares the hell out of the Vatican. But the premise is so wrong. It advocates a "kill" to reduce population on the premise that if we don’t kill babies the ignorant reproduce more and rule over the remaining intelligent survivors. Those who are for the "kill" birth control described themselves as the intelligent ones. For example, Frosty thinks the ignorant out-bred his tribe. Believing that he is the only remaining intelligent survivor on the planet as the ignorant offspring are taking over, he really thinks he is destined to save the world ...!

But there is one comment I like, addressed to Frosty, his kind and their "kill-people birth control" ideas: "There is a country whose policies are based on just such ideas – it’s called Red China. … [W]hy don’t you move there? (I, for one, won’t miss you.).

This is simply classic – straight on those familiar dots that don’t connect.


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 I should have added.  Frosty should like that aspect!

Comment by Anonymous
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 Bullshi* all "futuristic" models end up being just another way of regurgitating eugenics.  It's as old as mud.

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