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The Company That Tracked The Jews For The Nazi's Is At It Again

Tracking prescription drugs and food are just two of the dozens of the opportunities that IBM is pursuing in relation to the developing Internet of Things. Their ongoing Smarter Planet initiative is looking to revolutionize every major computerized field through the use of smart objects. With a powerhouse like IBM pursuing IOT solutions, you can be sure that we’ll see many of them deployed in the years ahead. Actually, IBM is pursuing many of them on a trial basis already. A global network of smart objects is coming, though, and with it will arrive a flood of data that will make our current online activity seem like little more than a trickle. It will take the might of corporations like IBM, or the innovative creativity of smaller competitors, to channel that flood into a resource that transforms our lives. Better medicines, healthier foods, and more could all be arriving soon. The Internet of Things is near…and get nearer everyday.

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