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Welcome to the “House” that Corporations Built

• The PPJ Gazette
Ok! We’ve gone from blue to red. What an event! Why! It is positively historic! It’s a mandate! A landslide! A big steaming crock of BS the likes of which we will probably never see again….at least until 2012. What is it all you sheeple out there think you changed? Now we will effectively convert from a full headlong rush into socialism, to a full body tackle of corporate fascism. Yippee! Instead of dirty backroom deals perpetrated by the Democrats, we will now have even bigger dirtier deals perpetrated by the Republicans. The K-Street parasites have a raft of new-found friends and bags of corporate money to pass around and the wholesale sell-off and sell-out of America and her people will go on as if nothing happened; and actually nothing did. We just changed who gets to mug for the camera first; who gets to stare into the camera with all the fake honesty and sincerity they can muster and tell us another big fat lie. I could just cry with joy…..wonder if Glenn Beck has any Vic