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CIA's Valerie Plame, in spotlight again

• AP
Not for nothing have they called Valerie Plame Wilson the Glamorous Spy.

And yet for years, she lived a life of secrecy that most of us would have trouble fathoming, unable to tell her best friends what she actually did for a living, or her own husband where she was flying off to in the middle of the night.


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Comment by Jean Carbonneau
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 I'm always fansicnated by the Lame Stream Media's coverage of this whole affair.  They still report she was outed by Bob Novak in 2003. 

Well, according to Sibel Edmonds, (who I'd believe over these nerds) she was outed in 2001 by then Number 3 guy in the State Department, Marc Grossman, who was under investigation by the FBI, and according to John Cole, FBI Counter-Terrorism Guy, had to drop the investigation.  I'm so shocked!!!