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Consumers' right to file class actions is in danger

• LA Times
If a majority of the nine justices vote the telecom giant's way, any business that issues a contract to customers — such as for credit cards, cellphones or cable TV — would be able to prevent them from joining class-action lawsuits.

This would take away in such cases arguably the most powerful legal tool available to the little guy, particularly in cases involving relatively small amounts of money. Class-action suits allow plaintiffs to band together in seeking compensation or redress, thus giving substantially more heft to their claims.

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Comment by Ross Wolf
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Should the U.S. Supreme Court rule to limit or do away with consumer class action lawsuits? This LA Times article discussed only class action lawsuits by many claimants to recover small amounts of money, such as for credit cards, cell phones or cable TV; but completely overlooked mentioning big money settlements for class action plaintiffs. For example,  a Supreme Court Decision might eliminate (large consumer class action lawsuits against pharmaceutical companies) that allegedly marketed to consumers defective medications believed harmful. If the Supreme Court rules against consumer class action suits, pharmaceutical companies might largely benefit from such a ruling.