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Britain urges action over extremist U.S. website

• Reuters

"Jihadist content" on a U.S.-based website calling for action against British lawmakers who backed the Iraq War has been removed after Britain contacted U.S. authorities, police said on Friday.

The website printed the details after Roshonara Choudhry was jailed for life on Wednesday for stabbing former minister Stephen Timms twice during an advice surgery in east London in May in revenge for his support for the war.

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Comment by Ross Wolf
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Britain states: "We are determined to tackle extremism and always press for the removal of jihadist material on the internet."

It is understandable Brits, especially those that serve(d) in Parliament would want U.S. Government to cause the removal of a jihadist web site under U.S. jurisdiction that advocates raising  Knives against British officials. However one must keep in mind, "extremism" can be broadly interrupted to knock web sites off the Internet to serve one interest at the expense of another. The British have greatly crushed free speech since 2000. About a half century ago the British Government did not want students in schools reading about Robin Hood, considered an extremist. The UK today is blanketed with 2.5 Million surveillance cameras. You can't walk out of a bar, hotel or pharmacy without being video-taped and often your conversations recorded by government. If you drive anywhere you are spied on by videos hooked up to databases that in seconds run a check on your license plate, review anyone you are believed to associate, where you work; even your medical history. Northern Irish Republicans years ago became so wary of British Street Spy Cameras, one activist group smashed several them, then threw a neighborhood block party to celebrate.  Companies that made a fortune selling the UK 2.5 million surveillance cameras are trying to sell U.S. Government on inundating America with spy cameras.

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