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Washington, DC – In a shocking and dangerous move that has provoked both fear and fury across the nation, President Obama ordered Fed chairman Ben Bernanke in secret to accelerate the destruction and hyperinflate the currency. Barack Obama’s move was executed almost as soon as the election results came in, prompting many to speculate that it had been prepared beforehand. Veteran capital markets insider and national financial prophet Karl Denninger wrote on The Market Ticker that “this is it” for America:

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Comment by Ross Wolf
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Obama is in the process of destroying the U.S. Dollar, destroying its buying power for everyone, foreseeable to ultimately cause the deaths of Senior Citizens and others on fixed incomes once their small incomes are ravaged by inflation. As the Dollar buys less more Americans will become unemployed as consumers increasingly purchase less. Obama knows he won’t be reelected under such economic circumstances. Historically leftists to achieve their agenda, have moved on democracies when they are in civil unrest and economic chaos.

If Obama is allowed to destroy the Dollar, Obama and his socialists/Marxists constituents appear ready to “change the face of America”, building a "Fifth Column" of extreme leftists" in labor, pro-illegal immigration and other groups, supported by socialists and communists that appear intended to destroy America if the opportunity presents itself. In the run up to Hitler and the Nazis taking power, the former German government, disparate to pay its bills, relentlessly printed Reich Marks. Soon inflation put more Germans were out of work and those working could not spend their paycheck fast enough, including 12000 Reich Marks for a loaf of bread. Germans were ready to accept any government that would provide jobs, even Hitler’s fascist government. If Obama and his Leftists destroy free enterprise, that will destroy most jobs in America, it is foreseeable millions of Americans might endorse and accept a socialist/communist form of government to feed their families.  Americans should consider how Obama’s leftists might deal with millions of unemployed Americans that believe in Free Enterprise and Senior Citizens that have to be fed and housed should Leftists take power. Historically communists have not treated well their “Non-Critical Citizens.”

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