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A Warning Shot: Rogue Missile Launch Off The Coast of Los Angeles

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Ok, now let's ask a few questions..... What if this wasn't one of ours? Who else has this capability? China? Russia? Is this some sort of warning to Obama and/or Bernanke? Where was it launched from? Sea-launched, as near as we can tell - but surface or submarine? Given the commercial and recreational vessel traffic in that area, if this was ship-launched someone should have seen the launching vessel. Now, more than 12 hours later, there are no reports of anyone having it on radar. Note that private vessel radars are quite-capable of resolving a ship large enough to launch something like this from the distance to the horizon. My ship's radar was quite-capable of resolving a vessel of this size if low to the water in the 10-12 mile range (curvature of the earth) and if the vessel had significant superstructure above the water, even further. If this thing was submarine launched then it gets even more interesting. Why the silence? I find it very unlikely this was one of ours - unless it was a mistake. An intentional launch - even of a missile with a dummy "warhead" - this close to LA? No way. A malfunction could have sent that thing right into downtown before it could be destroyed, and even unarmed it would do a hell of a lot of damage. For this reason I do not believe this was an intentional US test. None of the remaining scenarios, once one eliminates the improbable (at best) ones, are good. Some of them are decidedly very bad. If that was a sub-launched device and the submarine wasn't ours, then we have a submarine that got within 50 miles of our coast. You might think that's funny, but I sure as hell don't - the next one of those pretty little lawndarts could easily head the other direction.

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Comment by Powell Gammill
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Comment by Powell Gammill
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Of course one reason to keep mum: It is one of our sub launched nuclear missiles and oooops, missile drill where such a launch shouldn't happen.  Keeping it a secret until we recover the warheads!  Keeping it a secret if we don't---national security and such.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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LOS ANGELES — A mysterious "missile" streaked across the sky off the Southern California coast Monday night and was caught on video by a local TV station's helicopter camera.

KCBS reported the trail was visible from Los Angeles. The station's helicopter crew described the missile's location as 35 miles out to sea north of Catalina Island.

Senior Pentagon and Navy officials told NBC News that they did not know who launched the missile.

Military officials told said that a planned military exercise would not have been held that close to Los Angeles.

Officials were also examining the possibility it was a "commercial launch of some kind" or that amateurs had built a device capable of creating such a plume, NBC News reported.

A Navy spokesman told local CBS station KFMB that there was no Navy activity reported in that region Monday night, and that it was not the Navy's missile.

KCBS, which originally reported the incident, asked Robert Ellsworth, a former deputy secretary of defense and ambassador to NATO, about the mystery missile.

"It could be a test firing of an intercontinental ballistic missile from a submarine to demonstrate, mainly to Asia, that we can do that," he told the TV station, emphasizing that he was purely speculating.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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So Saddam Hussien's submarine finally got here and shot their WMD in the wrong direction.  Sheeesh.  Have fun rowing back and reporting that failure morons!

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