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Pork, Spending, Leadership Oh My!

I am not going to come on here and start making any demands of the new leadership, because we trusted them just enough to elect them. On the other hand, I believe the onus is on us. It rests on our shoulders, and a large part of the blame is us handing the foxes the keys to the hen house and ignoring what happened. Obviously, the leadership of the Republican party will learn, or they won’t. Historically, it doesn’t look good, and I can guarantee that myself and other BlogTalk and internet radio show hosts will be keeping a close eye on them. I won’t demand they do anything. The demands were already made, and if they choose not to keep the promises they made, so be it. We’ll let people know. There are a lot of camera eyes on Boehner and McConnell. Mitch has a bad record for letting spending through faster than water runs through cheese cloth. Boehner, however, has sounded good and is known for his record of not accepting or asking for earmarks.

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