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IPFS News Link • r3VOLution Continues forgets Ron Paul AGAIN!

 Despite the fact that Ron Paul whipped the pants off most of the beloved neoconservative candidates, forgets Ron Paul YET AGAIN.  Why not write in and remind the jerks of who is the REAL American conservative!

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Comment by Justin Tyme
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They probably do it on purpose to bait us...  That way at least they'll have some activity. ;-) 

Comment by Ned The Head
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119 posts and counting. I'd guess they got the message.

Comment by Ducati Jeanne
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I weigh in with comment number 10 on the joke poll, pirating a famous quote from Ernie "RON PAUL is the answer, what is the question?"

Thanks for calling this latest neo-con fluff to our attention.

But really, let's all go see Ron Paul on the 19th and 20th of November; ASU - Hayden Lawn, The Phoenician Resort and Memorial Union back down @ ASU. 

3VOL, Jeanne 



Comment by Sam Weathersby
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GOOD POINT Earnie!! 


 They forgot to list Ron Paul, Chuck Baldwin & Judge Napolitano.Makes you wonder if these Snorrin [zzzzzz]  guys have a real clue or if they are a cover band for the progs.

These are the only 3 that I know of who would actually try to turn the nation around using the Constitution rather than the ‘progressive’ or so called Republican ‘conservative’ platforms.I hope there are many more we cantrust that Ihave not heard of yet. But I would bet on Paul, Baldwin & the Judge in any order for the nomination as the only real conservatives who would do the ral thing.

 I doubt Palin has the stones. She's the best on their list so that's not good.

That Nitwit Gingrich is even listed makes me wonder how much the Snorrin ‘conservatives’ know. Look under ‘G’ on the CFR names list. Gingrich is there.

Some on the Prez list would be OK in a different time & less critical circumstances. But now the time has come that we MUST trim the size, waste & excessive expenditures of the Fed govt. Don’t forget that Repubs have spent wildly just like the Dems. Both raided SS funds, though the Dems started the theft.

I think we need to go to the NO party system. The 2 party thing has become a very sick joke!!! An individual voter is harder to manipulate if there is no party to join that leads them away with BS promises & rhetoric. Many voters are still so stupid, uneducated & misinformed that they still vote for a party…



Comment by Keith Cyrnek
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I replied.

Comment by Ernest Hancock
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No Ron Paul? Seriously? How is Sonoran Alliance going to be considered a relevant news source when a big GIANT junk of the real news is…. suppressed… again. Do they really think that you’ll get a second chance at being perceived as credible?