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On Daily Show, Texas Gov. Rick Perry denies he wants Texas to secede from the union


Appearing on the The Daily Show Monday to promote his new book, Texas Governor Rick Perry, a potential contender for the Republican nomination in 2012, denied being a secessionist and attacked the progressive movement of the 1920’s.

Although the governor has not explicitly supported the secession of Texas, his strong stance on the state sovereignty and comments he has made have caused some to wonder.

“Would you like to see, at some level, Texas as its own country?” asked Jon Stewart, the host of the show. “A little bit? A little bit? United Republic of Texas?”

“No,” answered Perry.

For much of the interview, Perry attacked the size and power of the federal government.

“If you want to know when Washington really got off the track — the 16th amendment, giving them the opportunity to take your money with a personal income tax,” said Perry.