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FREEDOM SUMMIT 2005 SPEAKER - Amanda Phillips


Amanda Phillips is the president of the Free State Project, a project to concentrate freedom-minded people in a political region where they can have a voice. A resident of Burlington, Massachusetts, Amanda is an accountant, manager, teacher, and single mother to Elaine, a rockin’ seven-year-old girl. In her spare time (hah!) she likes to fly small airplanes, shoot at the archery range, run long distances, and read about everything — economics, philosophy, evolutionary psychology, organizational management, technology, and more. An avid proponent of school choice, she serves as an officer on her PTA; she leads fundraising efforts to provide scholarships for children who wouldn’t otherwise be able to attend Elaine’s private school.

Amanda has been a libertarian since before she knew the meaning of the word. She was once a Special Agent in the US Air Force. She is now an anarchist, but she’s happy to work toward the Free State Project’s more moderate political goals.

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