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FREEDOM SUMMIT 2005 SPEAKER - Vin Suprynowicz

Vin Suprynowicz grew up in a nice Politically Correct Democratic family — fine folks who taught him that it was wrong to steal or to hate people for being different from them. He still feels that way, but has expanded his idea of who those people are from merely homosexuals and members of racial minorities to machine-gun owners, militiamen, folks who choose to vote their conscience in the jury rooms in defiance of the judge’s instructions, who use intoxicants other than those approved by the current government, who decline to contribute any portion of their income to support the welfare/police state, and the like.

A graduate of Eaglebook (where he lettered in football), E.O. Smith (where he lettered in track), and Wesleyan University (where he played Orsino in “Twelfth Night”), Vin worked his way through school as a disc jockey, short-order cook, motel night clerk, and member of the relentlessly unsuccessful rock & roll band “The Four Shadowings of Doom.”

He landed his first newspaper job at the alternative Hartford Advocate in 1972 after graduating from Wesleyan University. He went on to become the star reporter at the daily Willimantic Chronicle, wire editor of the Norwich Bulletin, managing editor of the daily Northern Virginia Sun, and founder and publisher of the weekly Providence Eagle.

Suprynowicz was named three times to the Golden Dozen (the top 12 weekly editorial writers in the U.S. and Canada) by the International Society of Weekly Newspaper Editors.

He finally migrated west to Phoenix, then moved to Las Vegas. He’s currently an editorial writer for the Las Vegas Review-Journal. He also pens a twice-a-week syndicated political column in 20 or so daily newspapers around the country, and edits Privacy Alert, a newsletter for people who want to preserve their personal and financial privacy from an over-intrusive state.

The targets of Vin’s books and columns include the organized crippling of our economy through forced redistribution (“taxation”); victim disarmament courtesy of our elected rape enablers (“gun control”); the youth propaganda camps — reproductive organ of the welfare state (the “public schools”); and the War to Spread Pain (more grandly dubbed the “War On Some Drugs.”) But “Homeland Security,” eminent-domain property seizures, and the government medical scams that contend HIV causes AIDS and thimerosal in vaccines is either safe or long gone — not to mention our new national pastime, the airport grope-and-grab — do not escape the swooping scalpel of his pen.

 Vin also spoke at the 2001 and 2003 Freedom Summit