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Lazarus Long (né Howard Turney) is a long-time pioneer in the field of anti-aging medicine. Some consider him the father of Human Growth Hormone. He is a long time entrepreneur and the founder of several successful companies.

Lazarus has ambitiously founded a new country, The Principality of New Utopia, which seeks to be a free market haven located between the Cayman Islands and Belize. He will speak about the opportunities available in The Principality of New Utopia.

His editorials have appeared in publications around the world including the New Zealand Herald, the Christchurch Press, the Johannessburg Star, and the Wall Street Journal (Europe). He is editor of the monthly publication Free Exchange, and organizer of the World Freedom Summit 2004 held in cooperation with the International Society for Individual Liberty. He is also owner and operator of Aristotle’s Books in Auckland.

Jim joined the Libertarian Party in 1978 and ran for state representative in Chicago in 1980. While studying in Connecticut he ran for US Congress as a Libertarian and then again for local office in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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