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FREEDOM SUMMIT 2003 SPEAKER - Donald "Mac" MacPherson


Donald MacPherson operates an Arizona law firm whose nationwide practice includes civil and criminal law, especially trials and appeals. Concentrating in the area of tax law, “Major Mac” is known for his innovative, liberty-oriented approaches to client issues involving IRS problems, offshore trusts, tax havens, and financial privacy. He is the author of Tax Fraud & Evasion: The War Stories, April 15th, and Secret Exposed: Eliminate Income Tax Debts Through Bankruptcy. 

Donald W. (Mac) MacPherson, a West Point graduate & former Green Beret officer, is Board Certified as a specialist in both tax law & criminal law. Responsible for major criminal & civil litigation, he has tried over fifty-five federal & state criminal tax cases in twenty-five different states.  Mac has authored three tax books, appears regularly on radio & television talk shows, & wrote a weekly legal column for a national newspaper, The Spotlight.