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REMINDER! Second National "LIBERTY WALK" for the Constitution - SAT. NOV. 27

 Second “Liberty Walk” for the Constitution
Announced for Thanksgiving Weekend - November 27
Americans Called to Walk In Honor, Gratitude and Obedience to Founding Documents 

The Constitution cannot defend itself, it is up to the People to defend it and hold government accountable to its principles, mandates and restrictions, not just at election time, but between elections and no matter who is in office and whether we voted for them .”  – Bob Schulz, Liberty Walk Organizer

QUEENSBURY, NEW YORK, November 1, 2010 — The first one-hour, national, non-political Liberty Walk for the Constitution was held last weekend on October 24, 2010. Americans from 58 towns in 30 states stepped off in honor the Nation’s founding documents.

Organizers are hoping the idea will continue to expand.  A second Walk is now planned for Thanksgiving Weekend, Saturday, November 27, at 1pm in all time zones.  Those who want to see America’s Constitutions honored, respected and obeyed at both the state and federal levels – are invited to join friends, neighbors and other community members of like mind across the country. 

“What better time to be grateful for America and our Constitution than Thanksgiving,” said organizer Bob Schulz of We the People Foundation. “We want all Americans of all ages and persuasions to include the Liberty Walk as an important part of their holiday plans, giving added thanks for our blessings. “Our love for America and our common heritage is something all generations share, ” Schulz continued. “Every violation of the Constitution — from undeclared wars, to bailing out private companies with public money and the resulting debt, to un-enforced laws on illegal immigration, has devastated our global reputation and is pauperizing our economy, our security and our way of life.”

“Since the Constitution cannot defend itself and Government cannot be expected to do so, the Constitution will not be obeyed unless the People demand it be so,” Schulz added. “This is a time to honor the greatest governing documents ever given to mankind, to  be grateful for our freedom and to make a commitment to do our part to ensure our Constitution is obeyed.”

Sponsored by national non-profit, non-political organizations, We the People Foundation for Constitutional Education, We the People Congress and STAND UP AND SING FOR AMERICA, organizers of the Liberty Walks hope to see a mass movement of 3-5% of the population (9 – 15 million liberty loving patriots) from cities and towns across America eventually participating in the series of one-hour Liberty Walks.

The purpose is to show how many supporters of the Constitution there are; to inspire the People to come together at the local level out of love for America, her Constitution and Freedom, and to encourage personal responsibility for ensuring that constitutional obedience, honor, honesty and integrity are returned to government at every level.

The Liberty Walk for the Constitution is a non-political event.  For that one hour, there will be no parties, politics or personalities, only reflection on the history, meaning, effect and significance of our Charters of Freedom; gratitude for being Americans; and greater awareness of how strict adherence to the Constitution can reverse America’s problems and restore prosperity.

As with the first Walk, participants will walk to a gathering place for a 40 minute ceremony.  Anyone interested in organizing a Liberty Walk in their town can sign up at A resource page at the site provides tools to organize and promote a Walk.   Each participating town will have its own page on the site to provide Walk information.   ###

Media Contact and Event Organizer: Judith Montgomery Whitmore –

We the People Foundation for Constitutional Education,
We the People Congress – (portal site for all projects, activities of the organization)


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