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Independence Criminalized: The Great Wall of Bureaucracy Comes to America

Farmers are America's original entrepreneurs, and have been instrumental in forming the strong middle class for which all free countries are known. Mao Zedong knew that if he were to build his collectivist state, he had to eradicate the very base which threatened his statist control. Today's corporations have used the color of law instead of brute force, employing a combination of their legal designation as "persons" and using the revolving door of the corporate-government state to infiltrate key positions. From these positions they can legislate people into conformity. This modern Mao-Fascist system still employs brute force when needed, as the SWAT raids of peaceful farmers and communities increase in frequency, while peaceful protest can lead to surveillance and intimidation. Although, this campaign prefers to cloud the sheer brutality of it by legitimizing the codes and enforcement thereof in the name of public safety and the "greater good." In this way, one now becomes a violator of laws -- not of an ideology per se -- made to jump through hoops that continuously change in size and location. Mao was less devious.

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