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An unwitting foot soldier in the Wall Street mortgage mega-scam

If you've ever bought a house or arranged for refinancing pre-2003, you know it's a serious process with lots of people in the room including buyers, sellers, lawyers, real estate agents, mortgage brokers, title company agents and whoever else needs to be in the room to sign the paperwork.

It's a process that can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour or more.

Once the paperwork is signed, it's sent to the County Courthouse to be legally recorded. This meticulous chain of events is essential for insuring order in the real estate marketplace. Otherwise, crooks could transfer property, attach loans to property, and do just about anything they want at will

Guess what?

HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS worth of real estate documents created during the Go-Go Bush years were manufactured out of thin air.

The loans may or may not have been legitimate, but the paperwork documenting them was entirely bogus, illegally handled and therefore INVALID.

I'm using lots of caps to try to convey the seriousness of the situation.

The sheer scale of these operations represent top down, organized fraud on a scale that nearly defies human comprehension.

In a normal day, a title company officer might handle five or six closings, more if very well organized and very ambitious.

In this video deposition, we hear testimony from a man who claims he closed the paperwork on approximately 5,000 loan assignments PER DAY.

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