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The War Party's Jihad in Oklahoma - by Will Grigg

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A small but passionate segment of the population is sick with worry over the incalculably small possibility that Muslims may someday force their daughters to wear burqas, yet indifferent to the fact that those same daughters can't board a commercial flight without being virtually strip-searched or physically molested by a TSA functionary. Former Oklahoma state legislator Rex Duncan, recently elected District Attorney for Osage County, is the dutiful tribune of that myopic and misguided constituency.

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Comment by Dracula Tepish
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as for this judge she is barking up the wrong tree there in oklahoma 

she getter get out while she is safe for she has signed her only lynching

not my problem you cannot throw down a law because you love foriegn laws this country is based on states rights which comes first as defined in the sonstitution

so here our answer to the wicked bitch in hell go fo

and dont let the door hit your fat sorry rearend commie pig

the sovereign rule not you BLACK ROBED THUG FROM HELL

Comment by Nick Barnett
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Grigg is an ass? Wow. They got you all riled up and scared of something... looks like it worked.

Comment by Rocky Frisco
Entered on:

Grigg is an ass. Duncan speaks for me and every Oklahoman who resists the Islamization of America.

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