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It's time to dismantle the TSA - In the meantime, boycott air travel

• Brasscheck TV
Even the Nazis didn't do this Clearly, the TSA and the US government are completely out of control. Months ago, we told you the full body "backscatter" X-ray screening machines being installed in airports were far more dangerous than the lying scum that sells and installs them in airports claimed. Apparently, at least one airline union agrees and have advised their members to refuse to go through them. The catch is that if you don't agree to be irradiated, you must submit to a full body search including the groping of your genitals and this applies to women, children and infants. There have already been numerous claims of molestation made against TSA employees. The government and TSA's official response to complaints received: "Fuck you. We're going to do whatever we want to do." There's a simple solution to this: Stop flying and tell the chicken shit morons who run the airlines that you're stopping and why. Maybe when they see their revenues go down t