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Obama Says Federal Reserve’s Easing Wasn’t Aimed at Affecting Dollar Value

• Bloomberg
Can a person become President, and not understand simple economics? Why yes, yes we can... More dollars in circulation = deflated currency, Barry.

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Comment by Rich Ness
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@chuckmoulton: Thanks for the wonderful correction! Your ability to educate others in a demeaning way is bar none! Thank you, and I should have said "deflated value", either way, the buck aint worth a f...*

Comment by Anonymous
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By the way, don’t worry. Since the economy is going downhill and the problem of not understanding simple economics is brought up here, we have the only M.D. in Congress whose practice of medicine will cure this advance cancer of the U.S. economy.


Comment by Anonymous
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Is there anyone in you read crying like a baby understands economics? Perhaps only two: Frosty, a.k.a. Frostytute [spelling is different, but the sound is the same], and Bakadude. Frostytute thinks there is no difference between the U.S. and Bangladesh that are both suffering a population-overload, thus causing any economic problem anyone can think of. But don’t bring up Deflation or Inflation. It is midnight to him if we talk about the light of economic knowledge. And Bakadude thinks the cause of our economic problem is the likes of Frostytute whose inflated trash articles deflate space causing a depression at, and in turn resulting in a serious recession of readership. Economic recession is nothing compared to this current intellectual deflation.


Comment by Ross Wolf
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Could Obama printing huge amounts of Dollars follow China’s reported inflation?

China to speed up its economy printed too much money and did not cut back spending to curb inflation. Recently some Chinese products have had their prices raised several times in one day. Obama’s relentless printing of U.S. Dollars is destroying its buying power; ultimately that could cause hardship or death for countless senior Americans and others on small fixed incomes if ravaged by inflation. As the Dollar buys less more Americans will become unemployed, as consumers increasingly can’t afford products and services.

Obama’s ongoing failed-economic policies are opening the door for extreme leftists at some point to cause chaos, overrun our democracy should the U.S. economy worsen causing civil unrest / riots. Hardcore leftists believe they can “change the face of America”, having built a "Fifth Column" of leftists" in labor, pro-illegal immigration and countless other groups, supported by socialists and communists that appear intended to destroy America. In the run up to the Nazis takeover of Germany, the former German government disparate to pay its bills, printed huge amounts of Reich Marks. Soon inflation put more Germans out of work and those working could not spend their paychecks fast enough, paying 12000 Reich Marks for a loaf of bread. Germans were ready to accept any government that might provide jobs, even Hitler’s Germany.

If Obama destroys the Dollar, he destroys the economy and free enterprise; that will eliminate most jobs in America, problematic to result in violence provoked by leftists and communists. Millions of desperate Americans would unwittingly accept a Socialist/communist form of government believing they could feed their families; others might support fascism. Americans should consider how a hardcore leftist Government might deal with millions of unemployed Americans, especially those that believe in democracy and free enterprise and the large population of Senior Americans that require food, housing and medical treatment. Historically Marxist / communist governments have not treated well their “Non-Critical Citizens.”

Note: Obama appears intended to destroy what is left of the U.S. Economy. On November 10, 2010.  Obama’s so-called deficit panel’s made proposals to balance the federal budget that amount to economic death for America: While Obama speaks compromise, not to raise taxes in 2010, his Chairman of the President’s alleged bipartisan deficit commission offered a throat-ripping plan to balance the federal budget. The Commission’s proposals included eliminating homeowner tax deductions for paid mortgage interests and slashing increases in Social Security.

Obama’s “Deficit Panel Proposed elimination of the home mortgage interest deduction—is a sure beat to cripple what is left of the housing market and collapse the banking system. Why would most Americans want to incur the costs of home ownership if they couldn’t deduct mortgage home interests; it would make more sense to rent. If Obama’s deficit commission succeeds in eliminating mortgage interest deductions, homeowners will have to use (after tax dollars) to pay their mortgage payments; that will decimate may homeowners’ discretionary income making home ownership unaffordable, causing millions to default. Home buyers to offset the elimination of mortgage interest deductions, would have to apply for smaller mortgages; it is problematic home buyers would make low ball offers on houses, driving down home property values and property taxes local communities depend on. Local governments would go broke or become dependent on federal assistance, Taxpayer dollars. Banks were bailed out after housing values crashed that secured banks’ outstanding and foreclosed mortgages. Imagine if the current huge inventory of (unsold and foreclosed homes) was triple because home mortgage interest deductions were eliminated making home ownership unaffordable for most Americans: banks could disintegrate, as housing values would precipitously drop that secure bank mortgages. American taxpayers could not cover so many defaulted home mortgages insured by U.S Government.
To Read about Obama’s deficit panel see:


Comment by Chuck Moulton
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Apparently Freedom's Phoenix doesn't understand simple economics either.  More dollars in circulation = INFLATED currency, not deflated currency.

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