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Hillary Names Israel's Price: Twenty F-35s For A 90 Day Settlement Freeze

The proposed U.S. package would include 20 F-35 joint strike fighter aircrafts for Israel, valued at $3 billion; U.S. commitment to veto at the UN Security Council any resolutions that would unilaterally declare a Palestinian state over the next year; and a U.S.-Israel long-term security agreement that would be negotiated and signed in tandem with an agreement with the Palestinians. Washington also agreed to not to seek a new settlement moratorium after the 90 days. The new freeze - as with the 10-month partial settlements moratorium that expired in September — would reportedly not apply to Jerusalem.

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Comment by Skip Robinson
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Just think of it in this way. It is just one more death nail in the casket of our fascist oligarchy. Each time they misappropriate funds it just screws the system up more and it is going to eventually collapse.  

Comment by David McElroy
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 It is long overdue that Israel be told where to get off our backs! This latest example of extortion is just adding hurt to humiliation. There is considerable evidence Israeli agents have stolen all the blueprints, spec sheets, and other classified info on building and operating the F-35, but what else is new? A billion dollars a month for a temporary 90 day cessation of building that you just know will rsume anyway. Of course, I'm sure they want the F-35's to back-engineer and manufacture to Israeli specs, since they already stolen all the plans. They always get a free pass from the Zionist-worshipping traitors in the District of Criminals.