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END THE FED Annual Phoenix Rally - Monday, November 22nd - 9:00 a.m.

• AZ Coordinator for END THE FED Ed Vallejo
From our R3VOLUTION MeetUp site:



There will be protests at every Federal Reserve Bank and office in the country in 38 cities.
Activists will demand an end to private banker control over the nation’s money supply and the return to a hard, commodity backed monetary system.
Their slogan is simple and direct: “End the Fed! Gold is Money!”.
In researching the Salt Lake City Facility, I discovered (to my glee) to find that in September of 2001 the Fed opened up a Cash Processing Facility - HERE IN PHOENIX!!!!!

That means that we don't have to travel out of state to show our disgust with this Crime of the Century! Just RSVP 'yes' to find out where we will be on November 22nd.

For more information and discussion check out the message board thread.

TIMES: Some people will begin promptly at 9:00 a.m. - Speakers time has been moved up to 11:00 a.m. to give more people time to arrive - Event will last at LEAST until noon - ending time will be determined by participation!




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Comment by Olde Reb
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Is the pasted writing of interest ??




Pundits are reacting with aghast at Bernanke’s QE2. The purpose of QE2 is not for the benefit of society; it is a desperate act of self-preservation by the Federal Reserve.

If the market is left alone, the value of mortgages held by the banks will continue to fall. When the toxic mortgages eventually have to be written to value, the assets of the banks will rapidly de-leverage---and the banks are obviously bankrupt. When the banks fail, the riots start and Congress--to make a show for the public--will have to point fingers at someone (other than themselves) and that will be at the Fed. If the man behind the curtain is exposed to scrutiny or an audit, all hell will break loose. The Fed will be like BCCI on steroids.

We have to appreciate how the Fed receives phenomenal gain from T-securities---and the transfer of wealth from the citizenry to the financiers.

Let us make sure we agree on how the Fed and Congress create printing-press fiat money via deficit spending. Congress grants a T-security to the Fed (asset) and the Fed credits the Treasury’s account (Federal Reserve Notes) as a liability. The checks written by the Treasury on that credit will then be honored by the check clearing procedure of the Fed. (Congress recently gave $700 billion in T-securities as TARP funds. Congress spent the money. The Fed swapped the T-securities for toxic MBS.)

[Granted, this is a vast simplification of the process. The basic accounting by the Fed can be reviewed at 2009 Annual Report to Congress by the Board of Governors, from page 448 . Treasury accounting breakdown is accessible at .]

Congress gets to spend the fiat money so created and the Fed holds the security and receives interest. When the security matures, the Treasury must redeem the security. The value of fiat money initially created must then be paid to the Fed and becomes gain. The “loan” has been repaid. The Fed has the entire value of the security as profit.

The Fed has an acceleration option used for virtually all securities--it will sell the security. Arrangements are made whereby the Treasury acts as auctioneer. Primary Dealers are required to submit bids and usually about 90 percent of each new issue is sold. The operation is touted as the public buying securities from the Treasury. Upon maturity the Treasury redeems the security from the holder. The Fed receives the (bid) value of the security upon the sale. [The Fed’s receiving the bid value is disputed by Treasury statements. Ref. Treasury financial statements also claim “borrowing from the public” finances government operations. Direct borrowing from the public cannot, in any way, expand the monetary system or result in the creation of fiat money. The label is deliberatively misleading.]

By either of the two methods, the Fed has received the value of the security. The total value of all issued T-securities becomes a gain for the Fed. Good luck on trying to follow this sequence in the accounting records. Even Enron, World Com, and Bernie were able to cook the books---and they were audited.

The method used by Congress to fund the redeeming of the security, and the interest incurred, is beyond the scope of this writing. THINK---more T-securities. The economic scheme imposed by the Federal Reserve is a self-destructive Ponzi scheme predestined to inherent national bankruptcy. Any Ponzi scheme, including the Fed, cannot survive downsizing (or deflation). Ref: Rip-off by the Federal Reserve,

Postscript: The law, and the public, be damned. We are seeing the essence of government---POWER. And the origin of that power is in New York---not in Washington. Congress sold out the public in 1913 and in repeated legislative acts since then. Congress has danced to the tune of deficit spending; the piper is now being paid. Unfortunately, it is the public paying the price.


PPS: Numerous writers have written that the Fed is printing money. (The actual “printing” of what are labeled Federal Reserve Notes is by the U.S. mint and sold to the Fed for the cost of printing---about 4 or 5 cents per Note---whether it reads $1 or $100.) QE2 involves purchases by the Permanent Open Market Operation which put money into circulation. The purchase power the Fed is using has been created by the humongous deficit spending (giving T-securities to the Fed) by Congress. The Fed cannot create money by itself. Ref. Rip-off by the Federal Reserve,

, from page 448

, from page 448
Comment by Michele Power
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 I can't make it this year because I have to work.  But, I have gone the last few years and my experience has been that having the rally in front of the processing center in west Phoenix did not give much exposure and with the exposure it did have, the message didn't quite penetrate the language barrier.  If I could make a suggestion: maybe there could be a freeway signwave during rush hour or at least pick an intersection that has more traffic.

Comment by Ed Price
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Actually, the FED is just another company. Let the dumb thing exist. Simply take away anything that they have to do with Government or the people. Put the money back into the hands of the Treasury. And, let the States print and mint their own money individually, like they originally had the right to do.


Comment by Anonymous
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      Is this a joke? It says “PARTY TIME”. I don’t like it at all when it sounds like this event is organized as a form of merrymaking.

      But let me explain why to my mind, Bernanke stands as if he is indestructible like Fort Knox.

     The weakest way to kick Bernanke in the ass is when you attack his motive. No one can “create” a motive for him so that you can paper-bomb it to smithereens!  That’s brain that is not working properly because it is consumed by too much hatred against the Fed and its alleged conspirators who like economic vampires are sucking the nation’s blood dry to the bone.

      Also attacking Bernanke’s QUALIFICATION as head of the Fed – some dumbbells even pee on his guts for NOT UNDERSTANDING ECONOMICS [???] – is the most stupid thing to do. He is an astute guru with a Ph.D. in economics, one of the smartest of his kind. You think a bimbo could pull off the big stuffs he has been doing to move the national economy towards the direction he wanted? The only way to stop him and Obama’s economic puppetry is to go to Court. But even that option is like leading an expedition of barefoot cliffhangers to climb Mt. Everest in the coldest of winter and expect them to return alive! This explains why the tears of thinking Libertarians drop in a heartbeat into a bucketful of frustrations.


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