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Foreclosure-Gate: Congress By Secret Vote To Legalize Theft Of $Trillions

Congress passed H.R. 3808 by a secret voice vote so that the names of the congress members voting for it wouldn't be recorded. For example, as shown by the official government webpage: 4/27/2010 Passed/agreed to in House: On motion to suspend the rules and pass the bill Agreed to by voice vote. Using that unusual procedure, the Congress critters were hoping to avoid public shaming. Obama vetoed H.R. 3808, but tomorrow, Congress will try - again by secret vote - to retroactively legalize foreclosure fraud and forgery by the big banks. Specifically, as 4ClosureFraud reports: From the LEGISLATIVE DAY OF NOVEMBER 15, 2010 111TH CONGRESS – SECOND SESSION ***

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Comment by Rich Ness
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If this passes, couldn't we the people, "electronically" notarize an apparent document from our bank, which negates our loans altogether? Working in the opposite manner intended this shady move by Congress??? Basically, use their tools against them.