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CBS Poll: 80 Percent of Americans Are In Favor Of Naked Body Scans

About 315 scanners are currently in use at 65 US airports, according to the TSA, and the machines or body pat-downs are "the best technology we have today" to screen individuals, Pistole said. He also brushed off health concerns that the equipment might expose people to dangerous levels of radiation. Citing independent studies and research from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Pistole insisted going through scanners "is similar to receiving three minutes of radiation that you would receive on a normal (commercial) flight." For people who may not wish to receive full-body pat-downs due to religious reasons, Pistole said: "While we respect that person's beliefs, (if they refuse the pat-down), they won't be getting on an airplane... no exceptions."

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Comment by Judy Staab
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CBS -- Another reason I'm opting out of TV. They LIE, LIE, LIE!

Comment by Dracula Tepish
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no we should have you all checked for carrying illegal weapons of mass destruction and you should be tossed down the nearest live volcano to burn is all 

and leave us the public alone

Comment by Ross Wolf
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These Poll Result are suspect.Continued Low Radiation Exposure is Accumulative and believed to cause Cancer.
If not stopped, Airports are just the beginning of Citizens being X-rayed / Stripped Naked by Government, having their Private Body Parts Touched, Squeezed and Patted-Down by Government Employees. It is problematic Americans (next) will be X-Ray Scanned and Physically Molested boarding trains, cruse ships, buses; when entering sports events and office buildings.

Comment by Anonymous
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What? CBS polls 80% Americans approving airport pat-down of private parts to see to it that explosives hidden there are not causing this public orgasm of lawsuits against TSA? CBS is a killjoy … not when Al Qaeda is winning!

Now back to the real world, said Senate security committee chairman Sen. Joe Lieberman. Fondling of the upper and lower parts of the body including private parts, in the name of security, shouldn’t be objected to "in the wake of an attempted cargo plane bombing that originated from an Al-Qaeda-affiliated group in Yemen …" not to mention "several thwarted attacks …" including last years’ Nigerian man who attempted "to detonate explosives in his underpants … on a flight that was about to land in Detroit." [In his "underpants", mind you, where this botched bombing reportedly burned parts of his private parts, when the kaboooommm [!!!] fuse went wrong causing only not that much fire that suddenly burst out from hell.]

Sooooo …. all of a sudden, terrorists are again losing their struggle to blast airlines out of the sky. I say to you CBS killjoy – not your 80% nerve-cutting scalpel grabbing the headlines at this time when most of us especially Powell Gammill are ghoulishly gloating over the airport defeat of TSA in this battle against invasion of privacy, especially against the very private personal properties of a person let alone the Pope’s war against obscenity in the bar of public opinion!


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