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Safe Locations: Insulate Yourself From the Coming Economic Meltdown

More Americans than ever are becoming concerned about food and water independence. After all, if the U.S. economy does totally collapse someday, how will we all feed our families? 100 years ago, most Americans grew at least some of their own food. Today, very few Americans do that. Fortunately, a growing number of Americans have started to grow "survival gardens" and/or have started to store up emergency food supplies. If the inflationary policies of the Federal Reserve do end up totally trashing the U.S. dollar, the food that you and your family have stored up will end up being a great investment. In addition, in 2010 many Americans are looking for a place where it is possible to grow food and where water is plentiful when picking out a new area to move to. Owning a fertile piece of land is going to be a great asset to have in the years to come.

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