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Gov't Survey: 45M Suffered Mental Illness in 2009

• NY Times
The government says 1 in 5 American adults suffered from mental illness during the past year. Most didn't receive treatment.

A survey being released Thursday by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration found that 45 million experienced some form of mental illness in 2009, from major depression to more serious problems such as suicide attempts. Fewer than 4 in 10 received treatment for their mental health condition.


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Comment by Ross Wolf
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According to this article, government says 1 in 5 American adults (20%) suffered mental illness in 2009; that figure may be higher since Obama took office. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration found in 2009, 45 million Americans experienced mental depression and thoughts of suicide, with the causation strongly linked to alcoholism and drugs. It is inappropriate for Government to state 20% of Americans’ experience mental illness, linked to drugs and alcohol, then not mention WHY millions of Americans are using those products. Everyday this horrific recession drags on, more Americans lose hope; give up as they unstoppably approach their economic collapse, loss of job and home. In 2011 Americans expect their unemployment checks will stop, then what? Exasperating Americans, Obama’s only solution to the economic crisis is to raise taxes, print huge amounts of money and seize Citizens’ retirement accounts to pay government’s out of control spending. Americans are afraid to invest, spend money; employers are reluctant to hire new employees. As the Dollar buys less, more Americans will lose jobs, as consumers are forced to purchase fewer products.

It is understandable millions of Americans have been driven to drink, use drugs, think about suicide; Americans have lost hope, lost confidence in the government; see no future of the economy turning around. The only persons making out are federal employees, who haven’t yet been affected by this horrific economy.

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